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Name: Helga von GeistdörferAge: 61Occupation: Photographer/Journalist My name is Helga von Geistdörfer. For many year, I’ve made my living as a culinary photographer and journalist, travelling all […]

Trudy and Berend

Name: Trudy and BerendAge: 4 and 6Occupation: Future doll doctor and future train driver Trudy: My brother loves trains. He has autism. But we can come here […]


Name: Heinz-FriedrichAge: 63Occupation: Psychiatrist Obviously, I can’t see my patients ‘in the flesh’ anymore, so all therapeutic sessions are done online. I feel it is my duty […]


Name: HannaAge: 36Occupation: Lawyer He bought me those flowers two and a half weeks ago. I just can’t bear to throw them away… It’s silly. I just […]

Ulla and Frida

Name: Ulla and FridaAge: 10 and 9Occupation: Future veterinarian and future monstertruck driver Ulla: We like the lockdown. Frida: We can skate here now. Normally mom won’t […]

Astbjörn and Domhildur

Name: Astbjörn and DomhildurAge: 53 and 86Occupation: Opera singer and retired My mother Domhildur lives across the street from me. She is my biggest fan, she’s seen […]

Celeste and Jonah

Name: Celeste and JonahAge: 25 and 31Occupation: Any work we can get our hands on. Celeste: We were bored out of our skulls. And since there’s nowhere […]

Diego and Olivia

Name: Diego and OliviaAge: 77 and 75Occupation: Retired Diego: I remember the day this photo was taken. We’d had a huge fight. ‘A meddlesome old bastard’, she […]


Name: EduardoAge: 44Occupation: Waiter I enjoyed the first couple of weeks of quarantine. Felt like a holiday. But then, the wall started closing in on me. I’m […]


Name: Chidi (and Caramella and Calamity)Age: 31Occupation: Teacher When the gyms closed, I decided to start training at home with my girls Caramella and Calamity. As a […]

Tiffany and Bam Bam

Name: Tiffany and Bam BamAge: 31 and 6 monthsOccupation: Single mom The coke is for Bam Bam. He’s teething and for some reason, chewing on a can […]