Name: Ulla and Frida
Age: 10 and 9
Occupation: Future veterinarian and future monstertruck driver

Ulla: We like the lockdown.

Frida: We can skate here now. Normally mom won’t let us do that, because of the cars.

Ulla: But it’s real quiet now.

Frida: And we like the animals. We didn’t used to have them here, but now they come and hang out in our street.

Ulla: The flamingos are really funny.

Frida: The bear is stupid. He farts a lot, he’s stinky.

Ulla: Sometimes we see people walking by. They always look very sad.

Frida: Like they need a hug.

Ulla: But we can’t give it to them, we’re not allowed.

Frida: So they should hug themselves.

Ulla: Yeah. Every day.

Frida: More. At least… 5 times a day.

Ulla: We think it would help.

Frida: Yeah. Hugging yourself always helps.