Name: Trudy and Berend
Age: 4 and 6
Occupation: Future doll doctor and future train driver

Trudy: My brother loves trains. He has autism. But we can come here now, because nobody’s here now. I don’t really like trains, I like dolls, but I do it for my brother, because he doesn’t like it so much when I’m not here. Because sometimes people come and they don’t stick to the new rules of the six feet. And then Berend shouts ‘6 feet! 6 feet!’, because he doesn’t understand why they don’t stick to the rules and then the people look at him like he’s crazy, but he’s not crazy, he’s right. Because you need the rules. Like trains. Trains have rules too, when they ride. If the trains didn’t have rules, they would all ride all at once. And then they would crash.

I have to go now, I hear a train. Berend and me, we have to wave at the train. That’s a rule too.