Name: Tiffany and Bam Bam
Age: 31 and 6 months
Occupation: Single mom

The coke is for Bam Bam. He’s teething and for some reason, chewing on a can calms him down. He goes through fifteen of them a day. Of course I won’t allow him to drink the stuff, what kind of a mother would that make me? Just chewing. Can’t hurt his teeth, he doesn’t have any yet.

Yeah, they gave me funny looks about the toilet paper in the store. I don’t care: Better safe than sorry is my motto. For all we know, trees might have the virus as well. And when they all die, we’re going to have a big problem, because paper is made of trees… And then what are you going to wipe your ass with?

Or maybe a war breaks out… About the whole ‘where did it start’ question. They say it was made in China. You know what else is made in China? Toilet paper! For now!

All I know is, I’m prepared for what ever comes next. When the shit really hits the fan, I’m ready!