Name: Chung, Kimora, Hsin, Li Mei and Chow
Age: 41, 40, 4, 9 and 68
Occupation: Unemployed, cashier and retired

Chung: It’s tough at the moment, I won’t deny that. I worked as a theatre technician, but they don’t have work for me at the moment, the theatre being closed and all. Luckily, Kimora works as a cashier, so we now depend on her salary. It’s not much, but we make do. And we’re all healthy. We’ll get through this, I know we will.

The masks are fun. We don’t have to wear them at home, but our kids just love them. And my mother in law does a great job as Yoda. Between you and me, I really can’t tell whether she has her mask on or off… But don’t tell her that, the force is strong in that one, ha ha! No seriously, she lives with us, so don’t tell her I said that… Kick my ass, she will!