Name: Taffy
Age: 56
Occupation: Lion Queen

Yeah, they’re all yapping about Joe Exotic now… Don’t know why. There ain’t nothin’ special ‘bout him. I mean, I’ve been livin’ with 567 lions for ages and nobody comes to make a movie ‘bout me, do they? Can’t remember the last time I had people come over here. Except for a couple of boyscouts that climbed over the fence three years ago. Well… at least my lions were happy to see them…

These three cuties here (Lulu, Fifi and Bert) live in the house with me. They’re of the sensitive persuasion. Can’t get them to sleep at night. Too stressed over this whole pandemic shit. That’s why I put the sleeping masks on. Makes them relax a little. Except for Lulu… She thinks I don’t see it, but her mask doesn’t cover her eyes. Lions are really stupid that way. Almost as stupid as humans.