Dee Dee

Name: ‘Just call me Dee Dee’Age: 64Occupation: Musician/Activist Oh, there’s a pandemic going round alright… A Propaganda Pandemic! Virus, my ass… It’s all a big conspiracy, very […]

The Lion Queen

Name: TaffyAge: 56Occupation: Lion Queen Yeah, they’re all yapping about Joe Exotic now… Don’t know why. There ain’t nothin’ special ‘bout him. I mean, I’ve been livin’ […]


Name: OmarAge: 38Occupation: Poet True love distantNot closeness anymoreTogether aloneGlobally lonely And when the bell tollsI shall think of youAnd so, I’ll think of meEvery man an […]

Olga and Gilbert

Name: Olga and GilbertAge: 56 and 53Occupation: Entrepreneurs Olga: People thought we were crazy when we started selling the toilet paper. But I now a good business […]


Name: Edwina (and Jacob the Parrot)Age: 82Occupation: Lady of the Manor In all fairness, as an aristocrat, I dare say one gets accustomed to socially distancing oneself […]


Name: LuigiAge: 46Occupation: Barber Me and my brother Guiseppe have this barbershop for many years. We are very lucky. When our auntie Ornella die, she left us […]


Name: LaviniaAge: 22Occupation: Influencer I’m, like, so bored! It’s so hard. I mean, like, three months ago, my hair stylist Julian gave me this like really fun […]

The Zhang Family

Name: Chung, Kimora, Hsin, Li Mei and Chow Age: 41, 40, 4, 9 and 68Occupation: Unemployed, cashier and retired Chung: It’s tough at the moment, I won’t […]


Name: FlorenceAge: 52Occupation: Nurse People seem to think that I’m wearing this mask to make some sort of statement about the whole ‘Healthcare workers are Superheroes’ thing. […]

Empty Streets

Mysuperduper long distance vintage drone camera managed to capture the eerie emptiness of this street… I had heard the rumours of wildlife taking over our […]