Name: Omar
Age: 38
Occupation: Poet

True love distant
Not closeness anymore
Together alone
Globally lonel

And when the bell tolls
I shall think of you
And so, I’ll think of me
Every man an island

As a poet, I’m used to being alone. I actually need the silence to whisper ideas into my ear. Very gently… You can’t hear it amidst the noise. I know that for a fact, I’ve been in prison for three years. No whispers there. In my country, one can go to prison for loving the ‘wrong’ person. But he was the right person for me. His name was Sami. I don’t know what happened to him. When I was arrested, he fled, I suppose. To another land, far far away. I hope he’s happy. I hope that he can be who he is.

The lockdown is not painful for me. But I do feel for those who have not known a life of loneliness. For they must suffer as I once suffered.