Name: Olga and Gilbert
Age: 56 and 53
Occupation: Entrepreneurs

Olga: People thought we were crazy when we started selling the toilet paper. But I now a good business opportunity when I see one. I just told Gilbert: ‘Gil, we’re going to stop selling the panties and bras right away. Toilet paper is the new hype!’

Gilbert: And onions. Don’t forget the onions.

Olga: That was Gilbert’s idea. He thought people would like onions.

Gilbert: Because they last long.

Olga: Yes, they do. We sell them in combination with the toilet rolls.

Gilbert: You can make soup with them, you can fry them, you can cook them, you can put them in a…

Olga: I think they get the picture, Gil… You know, some people think we’re making money off a bad thing. But I disagree. I always look at the shoes. Always. If they have nice expensive shoes, I charge them a little more. If they have ugly old shoes, I give them a discount.

Gilbert: Pickle. You can pickle them.

Olga: We’re just trying to make a living. That’s all it is…