Name: Luigi
Age: 46
Occupation: Barber

Me and my brother Guiseppe have this barbershop for many years. We are very lucky. When our auntie Ornella die, she left us big money. We don’t have to cut the hair. We want to cut the hair! We want to see all the peoples with the good hair. That’s why we fix hair for 10 cents. But now, the peoples can not come no more… Make me very, very sad. All the people with the terrible ugly hair.  And all my fellow-barbers that have no auntie Ornella that take care of them from heaven in this time.

My brother, he even more sad. I say to him: ‘Guiseppe, do my hair.’ To make him smile a little, you know. So he do my hair. And then he do my beard. But I want to see him with the big smile again. I want all the people to smile again…