Name: Edwina (and Jacob the Parrot)
Age: 82
Occupation: Lady of the Manor

In all fairness, as an aristocrat, I dare say one gets accustomed to socially distancing oneself at a very young age… But I do miss hosting my weekly musical soirees. Playing the harp is such good fun, but only when admired by at least three other members of the British aristocracy. Oh well…

Jacob is an excellent companion. Quite clever and witty if he wants to be, but mostly keeps quiet and nibbles my earlobe. He reminds me very much of Lord Spiffith-Mountmasted, my late husband.

The gardens are a problem of course. Shortage of staff. I phoned Mr. Rigglesby, my head gardener only yesterday. ‘Mr. Rigglesby’, I said, ‘I will not have you make my hydrangeas suffer even further! I implore you to give them a good trim!’

Let us hope and pray that this ghastly predicament we find ourselves in will be over soon. I do so look forward to plucking a few harp strings again.