Name: Eduardo
Age: 44
Occupation: Waiter

I enjoyed the first couple of weeks of quarantine. Felt like a holiday. But then, the wall started closing in on me. I’m used to being around people in my line of work. So I decided to build my hedgehogs Bert and Ernie this train track and a little village. As therapy. For me, not the hedgehogs. They love it! Maybe a little too much, Bert wants to ride the train all day long, drives me fucking crazy.

Anyway, a friend of mine advised me to take up yoga, it’s supposed to calm you down. He told me about this move called the Downward Facing Dog… I’ve renamed it. It’s now called the Downward Facing Asshole who Hates Fucking Exercise and now has a Hernia.

Can’t wait for this whole quarantine thing to end. First thing I’ll do is go and see a physiotherapist. And then go to an AA meeting.