Name: Diego and Olivia
Age: 77 and 75
Occupation: Retired

Diego: I remember the day this photo was taken. We’d had a huge fight. ‘A meddlesome old bastard’, she called me. I called her an old hag. Yeah, we fought a lot…  37 years of marriage will do that to you. And we’re both stubborn, I guess.

She got ill a day after the photo shoot. Coughing a little, you know, nothing serious. But then, after a couple of days, she got worse. I told her to get into bed, but like I said, she was a… she is a stubborn lady.

They didn’t allow me to get into the ambulance with her. She didn’t want it either, she told me to fuck off. I guess she meant well… in her own crazy way. After two days, they moved her to the ICU unit.  She’s been there ever since. I’m not allowed to visit her. Too risky. The hospital phones me every day to let me know how she’s doing.

I wish I’d told her I loved her more. Maybe… held her hand more. Because I do love her, you know.

I just miss that stubborn old cow…