Name: ‘Just call me Dee Dee’
Age: 64
Occupation: Musician/Activist

Oh, there’s a pandemic going round alright… A Propaganda Pandemic! Virus, my ass… It’s all a big conspiracy, very hush hush. The Man trying to keep us down… And Mr. Bill Gates, he’s in on it too.

But I see right through it. That’s why I wear the tinfoil hat: 5G. It will never get me. And then I have the special anti-bullshit detection goggles. They’re awesome. And my little dragon. It is not a real dragon, but a supersensitive microphone device. If I so much as fart, it’s starts recording.

Yeah, I’m a musician, but my band the Alien Mofos can’t do shit at the moment. Because we can’t rehearse online, man! That’s how they track you!

What? This interview is online…?