Name: Celeste and Jonah
Age: 25 and 31
Occupation: Any work we can get our hands on.

Celeste: We were bored out of our skulls. And since there’s nowhere else to go, we might as well dress up when we’re taking out the trash.

Jonah: Yeah, it gives us something to do. We made these costumes ourselves. I didn’t know we could be that creative.

Celeste: Plus our neighbours love it. They hold up signs every week to let us know what they think about our costumes.

Jonah: Yeah, last week we were dressed as vampires. They really liked that.

Celeste: They did.

Jonah: Next week we’ll do a Tarzan theme.

Celeste:  Me as Tarzan. Him as Jane.

Jonah: Can’t wait for it to be trash day again!