Name: Astbjörn and Domhildur
Age: 53 and 86
Occupation: Opera singer and retired

My mother Domhildur lives across the street from me. She is my biggest fan, she’s seen everything I ever did on stage. The Puccini’s were always her favourite. A few years ago, her hearing started to get worse though, so coming to my performances was no longer an option. By now, she’s deaf as a bat, but if I stand next to her, she’s still able to hear me sing. The problem is that I can’t get close to her anymore because of the social distancing, so I decided to build this amplifying device. I call it a gigaphone.

I sing for her every Sunday morning. On the photo you see me singing an aria from ‘La Mosca Cavallina’ (The Horsefly), the experimental opera by the notorious Italian composer Giancomo Tuttivabenni. I think she liked it… it’s a little hard to tell with the masks on… She might have been asleep during the whole thing… But I do love spending this time with her.