Name: Helga von Geistdörfer
Age: 61
Occupation: Photographer/Journalist

My name is Helga von Geistdörfer. For many year, I’ve made my living as a culinary photographer and journalist, travelling all over the world. My work has  been published in countless magazines of international acclaim.

A few months ago, my life changed drastically when the virus spread across the globe. All my assignments were cancelled and for the first time in my life, I was out of work. I felt devastated, depressed and completely powerless.

After a few weeks of mourning the loss of everything I had lived for, I began to wonder how other people were handling themselves in this unforeseen crisis. How do they deal with the loss of jobs and loved ones, the fear and isolation? I felt that, as a journalist and photographer, it was my duty to document these people from all walks of life. The travel ban created a big a problem in the pursuit of my newly found mission.

I found a solution in a superduper long distance vintage drone camera that I was able to operate from my home. With it, I made portraits of randomly chosen people in cities, villages and countries all over the world. The interviews were done by phone or online.

The portraits of all these wonderful and amazing people can be found here, on this website. Some of their stories are truly sad. Some are incredibly funny. But all of  them are very human. And in them, I hope you will find some comfort… We are in this together, us people behind the masks.